Open Day

Once a year, Wattle Hill Kindergarten has an Open Day. The next Open Day will be Saturday 20th May, 2017, from 10am to 12.00pm

At the Open Day, we welcome all parents and children to visit the kindergarten to explore and discover our unique learning environment. Speak to Sofi, our Director and valued Teacher who can answer any questions you may have about our Kindergarten.
Let your children play inside with soft play dough, do a painting, build a city with blocks, unravel a puzzle, do a drawing, put on some dress clothes, read a book, play with interesting objects and say hello to Ella the Guinea Pig!

Walk through the doors to the outside world of the kinder and discover more of our magic. Your children’s eyes will light up as they discover so many wonderful places to explore in our kindergarten backyard. In our playground, they’ll find colourful climbing equipment under our prized beautiful Golden Elm tree. And with two sandpits to explore, your child can dig and play to their hearts content. There is plenty of equipment on hand to explore lots of ideas with sand, or enjoy a great dig.

After a swing or trying out the monkey bars, maybe your child might like to venture down in to the fairy garden, where they can see their image in the mirror or climb up the steps to fly down the green slide. Not far from here, your child can also visit the Dinosaur Digging Garden, to find lost footprints of dinosaurs from a past time. With grassy areas to run through, or to slow down with a walk over the little bridge and check if the windmill is blowing in the wind. There really is a lot to do in our magical garden.

For parents, there is also information available to take home with you to read and learn more about Wattle Hill Kindergarten.

Wattle Hill Kindergarten 19 Livingstone Close Burwood VIC 3125 (03) 9808 8848