Food and Drinks
Annually, there are lots of wonderful special events and activities that take place within the Wattle Hill Kindergarten community. There are special events organised for the children, family and parents, giving everyone an opportunity to get to know one another in our kinder community.

Specal Events

Starting with the children, throughout the year, Sofi Galanis, Director, organises special activities specifically for the children. They can range from learning how to make pasta, celebrating cultural occasions, learning about the police, playing musical instruments, learning more by touching animals brought to the kinder or joining in the fun with special performers invited to the kinder.

Other events include grandparents, carers or special friends invited to the kindergarten to enjoy a special experience. Each kindergarten term, parents are also invited to do kinder duty which is a mix of helping the kinder and spending time with their child.

In the past, family events have included, Mothers Day excursions where mothers (or other carers) and children walk together from the kindergarten through to Wattle Park to have a lovely morning tea at the Chalet. Entertainment is provided for the children whilst mothers enjoy a morning tea. Towards the end of the year, all the dads (or other carers) have a special event to celebrate Fathers Day.

Other family events include a welcome BBQ at the beginning of the year to encourage everyone to get to know each other and a Christmas party at the end of the year.
Other times, there has been an exhibition held at the end of the year, to recognise and celebrate, the children’s work. This is a special time where both children, parents, grandparents, and special friends all delight and feel a sense of pride, about the work created by children, that is on display for all to see.

Parent only events include our annual trivia night which is a guaranteed fun night. Here we can relax with other parents whilst searching for answers to all sorts of questions, and in the breaks, peruse the baskets on display for the silent auction. It is our annual fundraiser for the kinder. One major piece of artwork painted by the four to five year old children is framed and auctioned off for the highest price. Other nights for parents only, include our Information Night to learn more about our educational philosophy and program.

Other events can be spurred on by the children who sometimes become inspired to create something they imagine. One year, this was to make a kite! Together the children drew their own faces on the fabric, built the kite and a special family day was organised to launch the kite in to the sky! Unfortunately, there was no wind that day, but it was the journey of the children who converted an imagined idea into something real and experienced the full realisation of the process and success. The children had so much fun, and on the day of the launch, it didn’t matter that no matter how fast they ran, there was no wind in the sky. What mattered, was the journey they explored making a kite, together with their friends.

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